FB Greens

FB Greens Pte Ltd specialises in aeroponics urban farming of leafy vegetables, microgreens and herbs. From selection of finest organic seeds to purified water and nutrients for farming, to final harvesting and packing, our processes are built with intelligent controls to ensure every step is managed to deliver quality produce for our customers.

Smart Data

At FB Greens, horticulture intersects with engineering, food safety, data science, and nutrition, giving us the unique capability to understand plant biology in a way that has never been understood. Our plant scientists monitor millions of data points every harvest. They are constantly reviewing, testing and improving our growing system using predictive analytics to create a superior and consistent result.

Smart Light & Nutrition

We use LED lights to create a specific light recipe for each plant, giving the greens exactly the spectrum, intensity, and frequency they need for photosynthesis in the most energy-efficient way possible. This engineered lighting allows us to control size, shape, texture, color, flavor, and nutrition with razor-sharp precision and increased productivity. We are constantly monitoring all of the macro- and micronutrients for our plants to provide them with everything that they need to thrive. We are able to take the exact same seed from the field and grow it in half the time as a traditional field farmer, leading to 390 times more productivity per square foot than a commercial field farm.

Smart Aeroponics

We use aeroponics to mist the roots of our greens with nutrients, water, and oxygen. Our aeroponic system is a closed loop system, using 95% less water than field farming and 40% less than hydroponics.

Smart Scaling and Smart Pest Management

The size and configuration of an AeroFarms system are highly customizable. The systems are comprised of modules that serve as building blocks that can be stacked vertically or lengthwise. This allows us to grow in varied locations and achieve ultimate yield per square foot, no matter the space, with quick installation. Every aspect of our growing process has been optimized to minimize and mitigate pest proliferation. In addition to our controlled, indoor environment, our growing methods disrupt the normal life cycle of common indoor pests so that they never get started.

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