FB Greens

FB Greens Pte Ltd specialises in aeroponics urban farming of leafy vegetables, microgreens and herbs. From selection of finest organic seeds to purified water and nutrients for farming, to final harvesting and packing, our processes are built with intelligent controls to ensure every step is managed to deliver quality produce for our customers.

Safe Greens

We seek continuous improvements to deliver quality, tasty and safe greens to our valued customers.
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We are What We Eat

As the saying goes “we are what we eat”, eating fresh organic nutritious greens is the best way to detox, stay healthy and happy!
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Fresh Organic Green

Visit the nearest supermarket or organic shop to buy FB Greens! Or simply buy online for our daily fresh greens and home farming products. Do support local enterprise FB Greens, and make us your preferred choice for Fresh Organic Greens!
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